Animal behaviour science and practical experience produce the best behaviour outcomes.

I understand that you want the best possible support with your pets’ behaviour. Anyone can call themselves an animal behaviourist in New Zealand; and there is just so much dog training information out there, it is hard to tell fact from fiction. Browne Dog is a name you can trust. I am highly qualified, experienced, and offer a personalised approach for each animal based on modern and humane training methods. My expertise on dog-human communication means that I can teach you how to better understand your pet. With Browne Dog, you can be assured that you are getting professional help from an expert who understands how important your pet is to you.

Browne Dog Animal Behaviour Consulting offers a range of personalised training solutions.

Behaviour Consultations

Carefully assess your pet’s behaviour and recommend an appropriate behaviour modification plan.


Inter-species Behaviour

Improving inter-species interactions by teaching your animals how to live together safely and happily.

Day Training

We train your dog for you - ideal for people who don’t have the time or skills to kick start their dog’s training.



Seminars and workshops for dog owners or professionals working in animal-related organisations.


Dr Clare Browne

021 065 6988

Browne Dog is an animal behaviour consulting business, based in Hamilton, New Zealand.